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Genius Sports, in partnership with FIBA, is proud to launch FIBA LiveStats (FLS) Version 7, a totally revamped and enhanced version of the long trusted FIBA LiveStats application. FLS Version 7 has been developed off the back of extensive research about how fans, leagues and other stakeholders (e.g. media channels) consume data as well as drastically improving the overall experience for the statisticians, addressing known areas requiring attention.

There are two different download options for FLS Version 7 as seen above, the best version for you to download will depend on your computers processor (either 32-bit or 64-bit). Note all Windows 7 users will need to have the latest Windows Service Pack (SP1) downloaded in order for FLS Version 7 to install correctly.

Please contact your league administrator if you are an existing LiveStats V6 user and unsure of whether you are required to download LiveStats V7

Note: a) unless otherwise known, users should download the 64-bit file and b) we do not support Windows XP

Some of the key changes

  • New Interface Design
    • New colours and design; Larger court area; Relocated prompt bar; Improved and relocated “Action Log”
  • Linked Actions
    • For the first time ever actions will be linked, meaning you cannot have a random assist or rebound, enhancing the accuracy and integrity of the statistics/data being captured
  • Guided Workflows
    • We have refined and restricted the logic in which actions can be entered. For example, a steal can now only be entered after a turnover with a type ball handling or bad pass
  • Revised Substitutions
    • With the addition of a wave sub, FLS now allows users to rotate out the full team during a timeout or period break, without registering those players returning to the court as new subs
  • New Shot & Turnover Types
    • Inclusion of the complete official and expanded FIBA Shot and Turnover types

LiveStats V7 will initially be available in English, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, French and German.

Support Articles
LiveStats V7 Support Articles

Minimum/Recommended PC Specs
Refer to the following support article for minimum and recommended PC specs when operating LiveStats V7

Support Requests
For all support on FIBA LiveStats or if any trouble downloading the application, please visit

Existing features and overview

Already in use by a number of professional and semi-professional leagues around the world, FIBA LiveStats is a software application that allows users around the world to record basketball game statistics and webcast games in real time.

Provided free via download, FIBA LiveStats is fully compliant with FIBA rules, and allows the user to set up a game, including players, coaches and officials from both teams, and collect full statistics using a simple point and click method.

  • Import and export game data, allowing integration with the FIBA Organizer competition and results system
  • Webcast available in over 30 languages including Chinese, Portuguese and Hebrew
  • Webcast renders automatically for mobile, tablet and PC devices
  • League based CMS offers automatic twitter score updates

Who is LiveStats suitable for?
– Professional, semi-professional basketball leagues
– Individual users (e.g. basketball participants, their family and friends)
– Local basketball leagues, clubs and teams